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Monthly Archives: March 2016

April is Eye Allergy Month at Metrolina Eye Associates!

Red, itchy and watering eyes are a common sight throughout the Charlotte and Metrolina area each spring, and this year will be no exception.  Those beautiful Carolina trees will be in full bloom by the end of April, and with that will come the yellow coating of pollen we are all familiar with.  With pollen […]

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What options are there for getting out of reading glasses

I’m often asked by patients, “What options are there for getting out of reading glasses.” Wearing glasses, whether distance or reading glasses, can be a hassle and even a burden for many people. Glasses can interfere with favorite activities such as sports, outdoor activities, and hobbies. Over the counter reading glasses can be a hassle […]

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Eye Health is Affected by Being Outside

One of the battles most people with kids have is getting them to get outside to play.  This generation of kids, and adults, spend more time in front of electronics than any generation before it. Being outside has benefits for  just about everyone.  Sun exposure increases Vitamin D production in the body, which helps with […]

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