What to Bring

Please bring the following items to your appointment:

· Medical records

· Information about medications you are taking and dosage

· Photo ID and insurance information

· Glasses or contact lenses you wear

Information About the Examination

Dr. Calderon will meet with you to examine your eyes. Your pupils will need to be dilated and bright lights will be used to help see any issues with the retina. Depending on your condition, other tests may be performed. Dr. Calderon will review your tests and recommend treatment. We will also send a report to your primary physician. For your comfort and safety, we recommend someone drive you home if possible.

Evaluation and Diagnosis

Our medical team can often evaluate, test, diagnose and treat you all on the same day. As a result, an initial comprehensive retina evaluation, with or without treatment, could last anywhere up to two hours.

A physician’s assistant will ask all first-time patients to provide a thorough medical history, including all medications. On each visit, we will perform a vision test and a measurement of the intraocular pressure, followed by dilation of the eyes. After a wait to allow your pupils to dilate adequately, the physician will examine you.

Sometimes we may request additional testing, and it is often possible to perform and interpret these tests during the same visit.

We always suggest that you bring someone to drive you home since your eyes will remain dilated for several hours. Sunglasses may help reduce glare; if you need some, please ask at the front desk before you leave. In addition, our receptionist can help you arrange for transportation.