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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Qualities to Look for in a Cataract Surgeon

If fuzzy or clouded vision from cataracts is affecting your ability to complete everyday tasks (e.g., driving, reading, sending a text message), it might be time to undergo cataract surgery. Choosing a qualified cataract surgeon to perform your procedure highly increases your chances of a successful outcome. Here, the trusted vision team at Metrolina Eye […]

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Are You a Candidate for LASIK?

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses but constantly imagine what your life would be like with 20/20 vision? Clearer vision is possible with LASIK, the most popular laser vision correction procedure used to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. LASIK reshapes the cornea to enable light to enter the eye so it can be properly […]

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Fall Skin Care: Turn Over a New Leaf with Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

If the hot summer weather has left your skin dry or dull, a laser skin resurfacing treatment with Metrolina Eye Associates may be the perfect solution to revamp your skin. Laser skin resurfacing treatments use focused light to target sun damage and cleanse the skin of old and dead skin cells, making way for healthier […]

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When the Real Horror Comes After Halloween

You’ve figured out the perfect costume for Halloween and found some decorative contact lenses at the drug store that take your outfit to the next level, what could go wrong? Unfortunately, quite a bit. Contact lenses are classified as a medical device and therefore in order to sell ANY contact lenses, whether they contain a […]

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Flashes or Floaters: Does you have a retinal tear?

WHAT ARE FLASHES AND FLOATERS? Flashes and floaters are common ocular symptoms that can range from a large floater across the vision (sometimes mistaken for a “piece of dirt” on one’s glasses) to episodes of photopsias (small flashing white lights in the peripheral field of vision). Moreover, a patient can experience “thousands” of small floaters […]

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