Advances in Cataract Surgery

Advances in Cataract SurgeryWhile cataract surgery has been around for decades, methodologies have rapidly evolved, making it one of the safest and most successful procedures today. Metrolina Eye Associates, a group comprised of leading eye doctors serving Charlotte and the surrounding areas, is committed to staying up to date with the latest advances in eye care. Here we discuss two of the most important developments in cataract surgery.

Laser Cataract Surgery for Enhanced Precision and Accuracy

By utilizing the same technology that has made LASIK so successful, laser-assisted cataract surgery has enhanced the safety, precision and visual outcomes of the cataract removal process. Traditional cataract surgery involves using handheld surgical instruments to create an incision that will provide access to the cataract diseased lens and ultrasound energy to soften it for removal. On the other hand, laser-assisted cataract surgery uses femtosecond laser energy to perform these critical steps, minimizing the risk of complications associated with manual instruments.

Optical coherence tomography is used to create a detailed map of the eye which guides the laser in creating a perfectly sized, shaped and centered opening in the lens capsule to access the lens. Using the laser to perform this step helps preserve the lens capsule, which allows for better position of the IOL and, ultimately, better visual outcomes. In addition, studies have found that laser-assisted cataract surgery patients heal faster and are less likely to need glasses after their procedure than traditional cataract surgery patients.

More Lens Options for Improved Vision

It used to be that IOLs only improved vision at one distance point. Known as monofocal IOLs, these lenses meant that patients still needed to wear glasses to see clearly at other distances. Thanks to the development of multifocal IOLs, patients can see clearly at all distances again, without the need for glasses. Toric IOLs for astigmatism are also available. With more IOL options available, patients can choose one that fits their personal needs and lifestyle.

While technology is certainly a factor in achieving successful results, the most important decision you will make when considering cataract surgery is the surgeon that will perform the procedure. With years of collective experience, the skilled eye doctors at Metrolina Eye Associates have helped hundreds of patients restore crisper, clear vision with cataract surgery and the latest IOLs.

To learn more about laser-assisted cataract surgery and the IOL options we offer, please contact Metrolina Eye Associates today.