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Flashes or Floaters: Does you have a retinal tear?

WHAT ARE FLASHES AND FLOATERS? Flashes and floaters are common ocular symptoms that can range from a large floater across the vision (sometimes mistaken for a “piece of dirt” on one’s glasses) to episodes of photopsias (small flashing white lights in the peripheral field of vision). Moreover, a patient can experience “thousands” of small floaters […]

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What to Expect if Your Child Needs Eye Muscle Surgery!

Every parent is naturally anxious when surgery on their child is discussed.  Many times, this causes anxiety for the child as well.  We want to make sure you all feel as comfortable as possible with the prospect of surgery, so here’s a little synopsis of what to expect when you’re facing an eye muscle procedure! […]

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Inflammation in the Eye & Causes

There are a variety of underlying causes for different types of inflammation in the eye.  Inflammation can take place in any part of the eye from the front (conjunctiva and sclera), the middle (the uvea), to the back (the retina). The ways to classify ocular inflammation are according to which part of the eye is […]

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Welcome to our Newly Designed Website

Welcome to the newly designed website for Metrolina Eye Associates! This website has been created to provide a wealth of information for patients interested in the variety of treatments offered at our state-of-the art facility. Please take some time to peruse the site and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. […]

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