Got Dry Eye? Find Out How iLux and BBL Therapy Can Help

Dry eye treatmentAt Metrolina Eye Associates, we believe in providing our patients with the most up-to-date and innovative treatment options in eye care. We are pleased to offer two new treatment options for our chronic dry eye patients: the iLux meibomian gland dysfunction treatment system and broadband light (BBL) therapy. Learn more about the two treatments from our top Charlotte ophthalmologists.

About iLux

The iLux from Tear Film Innovations is a handheld device that applies heat and compression to the eyelids using a sterile disposable Smart Tip. The Smart Tip consists of an inner pad and an outer pad made out of soft, biocompatible silicone material. During treatment, the treated eyelid is placed in between the two pads. The Smart Tip uses precise temperature sensors to continually monitor the inner eyelid temperature. This information is transferred to the iLux device, which delivers controlled LED light to open the meibomian glands and clear the stagnant secretions. The doctor is able to control and measure the compression force via the device’s LCD screen, ensuring treatment is safe and gentle at all times. Treatment with the iLux device takes approximately eight minutes to complete in our office. Some patients may need several sessions to achieve the best result.

About BBL Therapy

Broadband light (BBL) therapy uses the same technology used to rejuvenate the skin to restore the normal function of meibomian glands and increase oil production. During BBL therapy, the eyes are numbed with eye drops and then covered with a special protective shield. A cooling gel is placed on the eyelids and the broadband light is directed onto the eyelid skin to target the abnormal vessels that are causing the inflammation and the meibomian glands to malfunction. This process causes the blood vessels to close and inflammation to decrease. The treated eyelid is massaged to trigger the production of oils into the tear film. Treatment with BBL therapy is quick and can be performed in our office. Several sessions are typically needed to achieve the best results.

Get Dry Eye Relief with Metrolina Eye Associates

If you suffer from dry eye, Metrolina Eye Associates can help you find the best treatment option for you. To schedule a personal consultation with our team, please contact us today.