Metrolina Eye Associates Now Offers TrueTear Treatment for Dry Eye Relief

TrueTear for Dry Eye ReliefAs a leading vision practice, Metrolina Eye Associates is committed to providing patients with the most effective and up-to-date treatment in eye care. We are proud to be the first vision practice in Charlotte to offer a new and exciting treatment option for individuals who suffer from chronic dry eye. TrueTear Intranasal Tear Nuerostimulator from Allergan is the first FDA-approved treatment that employs user-controllable neurostimulation to temporarily increase natural tear production in adult patients. Clinical studies have showed promising results with TrueTear. Continue reading to learn more about this innovative treatment option.

About TrueTear

TrueTear is a handheld device with two disposable tips, each of which is inserted into the nasal cavity to trigger tear production. This occurs through the use of neurostimulation, which uses tiny pulses of energy to stimulate a nerve in the nasal cavity. The pulses of energy send nerve signals to the brain which in turn sends the nerve signals to the tear glands surrounding the eyes, triggering temporary tear production.

The TrueTear device is easy to use, giving patients full control. A member of the Metrolina Eye Associates team will thoroughly explain to you how to use your device at home. During treatment, patients will insert the disposable tips as far as is comfortable into the nasal cavity and turn on the device by pressing on the + button for two seconds. The device will then vibrate gently. Most patients liken the sensation to tingling, tickling or massaging, depending on the level of strength being used, which can be controlled by using the +/- buttons. To turn off TrueTear, simply press the – button for two seconds. Noticeable tear production occurs within seconds of using the device.

Clinical studies have found that TrueTear is well tolerated and has mild side effects including discomfort, nasal pain and congestion. Our team will go over all possible side effects in detail with you during your initial consultation.

TrueTear disposable tips should be removed and replaced daily. Patients will need to regularly charge the device using the accompanying base unit. Our team will determine how often and for how long to use your TrueTear device depending on the severity of your dry eye symptoms. Most patients use TrueTear at least twice a day.

To learn more about TrueTear, including whether it’s right for you, please schedule an appointment with Metrolina Eye Associates today.