The Benefits of Anti-Reflective Treatments

A year has passed and it’s time for your annual eye exam, hurray!  Not only are you noticing an increased struggle with your old prescription, you are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to select a new frame or two.  Often times we spend so much time and energy in our frame selection, enlisting friends, family and even strangers to give an opinion that we neglect to “see” the big picture.

Today’s eyewear offers a collection from just about every designer that you can think of, ranging from the sophisticated classic look to the uniquely trendy and modern styles. Why would you detract from the high-end look of your glasses by declining anti-glare treatment?  Well, you wouldn’t of course, let me explain why;

Anti-reflective coatings (also called AR Coating or Anti-glare Coating) offer advanced state of the art technology to maximize the visual benefits of your new eyewear.

Cosmetically, AR treatments eliminate reflection making your lenses look nearly invisible allowing people to see your eyes and your facial expressions more clearly. Additionally, an AR treatment on your lenses adds to the over all look of your new eyewear making them cosmetically more appealing.

The Benefits beyond cosmetic are even greater.   As an example, standard plastic lenses without any anti-reflective treatments reflect roughly only 8 percent of light that hits your lens, resulting in only 92 percent of available light enters the eye for premium vision. This is especially problematic in low light conditions such as night driving and driving in inclement weather. Today’s advanced technology in AR treatments allow for up to 99 percent of available light to pass through the lens creating better vision.

Other visual benefits to anti reflection treatments are greater comfort during prolonged computer use. The average adult spends 8 ½ hours a day on a computer. This leads to fatigue and eyestrain, having an AR treatment on your glasses help to eliminate much of the glare resulting in being able to work more efficiently.  Most AR lenses include a surface treatment that seals the layers in making them easier to clean.

Choosing the AR treatment that is best for you. Depending on your lifestyle, your local eyecare provider can help you select which AR is best for you. Depending on the AR coating you should expect that most AR treatments will have a slight color hue which is unique to the individual AR company. These color hues normally represent no issue for the wearer.

Now that you have invested a fair amount of time in the frame selection and appropriate AR treatment for you new glasses there are a few things to consider when caring for them.  Avoid using harsh chemicals while cleaning your AR coated lenses. Also, do not attempt to clean lenses without wetting them as debris that is on the lens surface may cause scratching. Use only products that your optician recommends and normally you will be given a smaller spray bottle of cleaner and new cloth when you pick up your new eyewear.

In closing remember that choosing the right products for your new eyewear will keep you looking as well as seeing fabulously!

By Lynette Terzieff, ABOC