Advancements in LASIK Surgery

Advancements in LASIK SurgeryLASIK surgery is the most popular laser vision correction procedure performed today, and for good reason. Ongoing advancements in laser technology and ophthalmology have made way for successful surgeries and better visual outcomes. The trusted ophthalmologists at Metrolina Eye Associates are proud to be at the forefront of the latest developments in LASIK surgery. In this blog post, our team discusses advancements in LASIK surgery that have contributed to the success of the procedure.

Bladeless Technique

LASIK involves reshaping the cornea to correct the refractive error. In order to access the cornea, a flap must be made. In previous vision correction techniques, the flap was created using a hand-held razor. Modern LASIK techniques utilize a femtosecond laser to create the flap, eliminating the risks associated with the use of a razor blade. Using a laser also allows for a more precise flap creation, improving the accuracy and predictability of the procedure.

Eye Tracking Technology

Early LASIK procedures required patients to fixate on a light in order to treat the refractive error. Modern LASIK utilizes advanced eye-tracking systems that keep track of the eye’s continual movements. Metrolina Eye Associates uses the Allegretto Wave laser, which is fully equipped with a high-speed eye-tracker that tracks even the eye’s fastest movements. The Allegretto Wave is able to track the eye 200 times per second and can adjust the laser beam accordingly, improving the procedure’s accuracy and precision.

Wavefront Mapping

Wavefront mapping is a highly sophisticated technology that allows your surgeon to create a 3D image of your eye. The information gathered by the wavefront map system helps detect the eye’s unique imperfections and it allows the surgeon to guide the laser to create a smoother and more precise corneal shaping. Wavefront technology increases the accuracy of visual outcomes and reduces the likelihood of side effects such as glare and halos.

Learn More about LASIK

The team at Metrolina Eye Associates has years of experience performing successful LASIK procedures utilizing the most advanced, FDA-approved technology. To find out more about the procedure, including whether you are a suitable candidate for it, please schedule a personal consultation with our team.