Start the New Year with LASIK

New Year LASIKThe New Year is an opportunity for new beginnings. If you struggle with blurry or hazy vision, why not resolve to do something about it? LASIK eye surgery is a quick and effective way to restore clear sight and reduce your dependency on prescription eyewear. Metrolina Eye Associates, a trusted laser vision correction practice serving the Hoffman Estates and the surrounding area, invites you to find out how LASIK can help you live life to the fullest this upcoming year.

Everyday Convenience

Having clear vision can make all the difference in your everyday life. Imagine not having to reach for your glasses every morning or taking out your contacts every night before going to bed. Checking emails or text messages on your phone, or reading traffic signs while you drive are also much easier and convenient. With LASIK, you will be ready to tackle the day without the hassle of prescription eyewear or fuzzy vision holding you back.

Be Healthier

Many people who wear glasses experience chronic headaches or sinus problems. Those who wear contact lenses may complain about allergy symptoms like itchy, dry eyes or burning sensations. With LASIK, these bothersome symptoms go away, allowing you to live a healthier, happier life.

Live a More Active Lifestyle

Wearing glasses or contact lenses while exercising, swimming or playing sports is not only uncomfortable but potentially dangerous. LASIK allows you to partake in your favorite physical activities safely and without worrying about breaking your glasses or damaging your contacts.

Save Money

Everyone can benefit from saving some money, and LASIK can help you do just that. Despite its large upfront cost, laser vision correction helps you avoid the lifetime cost of replacing or upgrading prescription eyeglasses or regularly buying contact lenses. Instead of spending money on prescription eyewear and cleaning supplies, you can put some extra money in your savings account or use it however you’d like to.

Look and Feel Great!

If you dislike the way you look with glasses, you’re going to love the way you look after LASIK! Unsurprisingly, many of our patients report feeling a boost in self-confidence after going glasses-free with LASIK.

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