Papilledema and Optic nerve swelling

Papilledema is a condition where increased pressure in or around the brain causes optic nerve swelling inside the eye. Patients may present with multiple symptoms when they have this condition.  They can present with headaches, ringing in ears, flickering in the vision, double vision, vision loss (sometimes unilateral and sometimes bilateral), nausea, vomiting, visual field… Continue Reading →

Macular Mishaps

There are many conditions that can affect the central vision and cause permanent vision damage.  It’s important that if you ever have any symptoms such as sudden blurry vision, floating spots,and central visual blur, to call your eye doctor immediately. One such condition that affects the central vision is a macular hole.  Symptoms usually include… Continue Reading →

What options are there for getting out of reading glasses

I’m often asked by patients, “What options are there for getting out of reading glasses.” Wearing glasses, whether distance or reading glasses, can be a hassle and even a burden for many people. Glasses can interfere with favorite activities such as sports, outdoor activities, and hobbies. Over the counter reading glasses can be a hassle… Continue Reading →