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Bothered by Floaters?

At one time or another, many of us have noticed floaters in our vision. What are they and when is it a cause for concern?The inside of the eye is filled with a clear jelly called the vitreous, which is a matrix of collagen fibers and water. In children, it is quite solid and fills […]

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Flashes or Floaters: Does you have a retinal tear?

WHAT ARE FLASHES AND FLOATERS? Flashes and floaters are common ocular symptoms that can range from a large floater across the vision (sometimes mistaken for a “piece of dirt” on one’s glasses) to episodes of photopsias (small flashing white lights in the peripheral field of vision). Moreover, a patient can experience “thousands” of small floaters […]

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What to Know about Floaters

Metrolina Eye is now offering Laser Eye Floater Treatment at all North Carolina locations. Read on to learn more about what eye floaters are, what causes eye floaters, and when you should seek treatment. What’s that floating spot in my vision? Have you ever noticed those annoying little spots floating across your vision? If you […]

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